NAMA Café » Mill: Luvima de Tarrazu - Café Don Mayo

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Auxiliadora Bonilla Solis

We want to be part of this initiative that makes Costa Rica known in the world as being able to produce coffee while taking care of the environment.

Información general

Tamaño: Medium

Tipo de Beneficio: Private

Número de empleados: 6

Región: Tarrazú

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016



Coffee promotion
We participate in regional fairs and hold culture workshops in coffee in our cafeterias.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
Since we started with the NAMA project we have received trainings, we also improve the way we produce and process our coffee and keep a record of everything related to the project. It is a commitment, but very rewarding.
Energy efficiency
The most useful thing has been to see how we carry out more efficient processes, reducing the use of energy and reusing products. This has helped us to improve and understand the whole process of how to help produce low-emission coffee.
Involving producers
The biggest effort has been to first engage the company's employees and then educate our clients with this project.