News » Visitors of 2018 Environmental Fair learn about low-carbon coffee production in Costa Rica


From June 5th to 7th, 2018, the NAMA Support Project was present at the XIV International Environmental Fair at the National Stadium. Visitors had the opportunity to taste the world´s first low carbon coffee, get to know more about the experiences of the project´s partners and participating mills alike and to help plant shade trees in Costa Rica´s coffee plantations.

At the 2018 Environmental Fair, the NAMA Support Project (NSP Café) took the opportunity to present itself to the public. At the shared booth of the German Cooperation GIZ, two baristas offered tastings of the world´s first low carbon coffee. Project representatives from GIZ answered any and all questions regarding the coffee and its low carbon production process.

The funds raised through the coffee sales amounted almost 200,000 colones and will be added to the ICAFE´s scholarship fund, which finances trainings and workshops throughout the country.

First-hand information in discussion panels

On the third day of the fair, representatives of MINAE, ICAFE and GIZ as well as Jardin de Aromas coffee mill participated in a panel discussion, expressing their experiences in the project. A day earlier, the Turrialba-based mill Cafetalera Aquiares participated in a different panel discussion, describing not only their experiences as part of the NSP Café, but also as one of the country´s first carbon neutral coffee mills.

Supporting the coffee sector through "Plant a tree!" activity

During the three days, two representatives of the Fundación Banco Ambiental (FUNBAM) encouraged visitors to support Costa Rica´s coffee farmers: With the purchase of one coffee “dripper” they contributed to planting a tree in a coffee plantation in the country. Over 200 drippers, amounting to more than 100,000 colones in total, were sold during the three days.

The “Plant a tree!” activity is part of a project that promotes the introduction of shade trees in coffee plantations, aspiring to plant 50,000 trees all over the country. The project is executed in the scope of the Costa Rican Coffee NAMA by MINAE, MAG, ICAFE, FONAFIFO, FUNBAM and GIZ.