NAMA Café » Mill: Zalmari S.A.

Datos de contacto

Cecilia Genis Murray

(506) 2577-1013 / 1331

Cartago, Paraíso, Cachí 600 east of the Guardia Rural

Zalmari participates in the Coffee NAMA because we believe in the need to care for and protect our planet. Through the instruction and help of the Coffee NAMA we learn how to measure the carbon footprint of our farm and mill. Once we have this information, we proceed to mitigate the footprint with different projects.

Información general

Tamaño: Micro

Tipo de Beneficio: Private

Número de empleados: 3 in the mill and 18 on the farm

Región: Orosi

Unión a NAMA Café: 2017

Certificaciones: Mill and farm: Women Care Certified, AAA de Nespresso and FONAFIFO

Marcas registradas: Zalmari Al Grano La Margarita Eco Cachí



Coffee promotion en
We participate in coffee fairs such as SinterCafé in Costa Rica and Women in Coffee Conventions in Latin America. I had the pleasure of participating in the excellent Marketing Workshop for Commercial Managers organized by the Coffee NAMA and ICAFE and I participated in the trip to Germany to promote the Zalmari coffee.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
Several efforts are being made to measure the carbon footprint in the farm and mill. A person in the office is in charge and participates in all training workshops given by NAMA Café and ICAFE to train and know what data needs to be collected to fill out Excel spreadsheets and implement formulas, etc. The visits and guides of the experts on the different topics with this person helps complete the data collection and obtain the measurement of the carbon footprint. Once the footprint is known, steps are taken to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. In our case this year we are going to plant star grass on which the water from the mill will be sprinkled. In addition, we will not add as much lime to the coffee waste (biomass), but instead feed it to the California earthworms to produce fertilizer and natural earth.
Energy efficiency
We have acquired energy efficient equipment due to remodeling the mill. With this we have managed to save energy.
Involving producers