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The NAMA Café de Costa Rica and its support projects are implemented by various national and international institutions. In the following you will find our team members from all implementing partners according to the institution they belong to.

Please click on the institution´s name to find out more about its team.

Renato Alvarado Rivera

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock

Ana Cristina Quirós Soto

Vice-Minister for Agriculture

Xiomara González

Coordinator National Coffee Programm

Gabriela Carmona

Assistant National Coffee Programm

Patricia Campos, Vice-Director of Climate Change

Patricia Campos


Climate Change Department

Kathia Aguilar, Advisor for the Department for Climate Change

Kathia Aguilar


Directorate of Climate Change

Andrea Meza Murillo, Director for Climate Change

Andrea Meza Murillo


Xinia Chaves, Vice-President of the Board of Directors

Xinia Chaves Quirós

Executive director

Carlos Fonseca Castro

Technical manager

Víctor Vargas

Head of Department for Sustainable Production

Rolando Chacón Araya

Head of Department for Industrialization

David Ortíz

Department for Promotion

María Paz Lobo

Department for Promotion

Sandra Spies

Project manager

David Alfaro


Climate finance

Alexia Quiros de la Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Alexia Quirós Rojas


Coffee mills

Ann-Kathrin Schloenvoigt


Communications and Knowledge Exchange

Fredda Carvajal

Subsidios y grants

Candy Carvajal Morales

Office & Logistics