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Coffee mills advance with packaging design for their low-carbon coffee

During a second Design Thinking workshop held in early July, representatives of 8 coffee mills further defined the characteristics of the new packaging currently being designed to promote and sell the low-carbon and sustainable coffee of mills participating in the NAMA Café at an international level. The workshop was organized and carried out by the ICAFE and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. Representatives of the ICAFE´s Department for Coffee Promotion presented four design proposals, based on the results of a first brainstorming during the → first Design Thinking workshop held in March of this year. The ICAFE...

Coffee mills improve marketing skills to promote their coffee abroad

During the months of May and June, the representatives of 10 coffee mills in the NAMA Café participated in a workshop dedicated to improve marketing and sales capacities, preparing presentations for the successful promotion of their coffee abroad. The 5 best presentations have been chosen to participate in a tour to Germany in September 2017 with the aim of seizing the opportunity to present their coffee to German coffee roasters. The course was organized by the ICAFE and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. As a first step, the 10 participants learned to formulate concrete goals for successfully...

Low-carbon coffee from Costa Rica presented at Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, USA

From April 20th to 23rd 2017, coffee samples from ten coffee mills participating in the NAMA Café de Costa Rica were offered at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, USA. The National Coffee Institute (ICAFE) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH presented the Coffee NAMA and its NAMA Support Project “Low-Carbon Coffee Costa Rica” at the world´s largest coffee event. Visitors of the Global Specialty Coffee Expo were in for a treat at this year´s event: Coffee samples from ten different coffee mills participating in the Coffee NAMA were waiting to be sampled at the “Café...

NAMA Café presented at Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2017

The NAMA Café isn´t only presented to Costa Rican coffee producers – we also try to make it known outside of the country. Representatives of the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (ICAFE) travelled the 15,000 kilometers from San José, Costa Rica to Melbourne, Australia to present the project at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2017, which took place from March 30th to April 1st 2017.​ The ICAFE claims to have reached a great amount of visitors with their attractive and interactive stand, estimating to have conversed about the NAMA Café in depth with around 500 visitors, mostly small and medium...

Coffee mills develop visual presentation for low-carbon coffee

How do we promote a low-emission coffee? What consumer tendencies do we know? How do we adapt to their necessities and expectancies? Which market are we interested in? What is the best way to present our coffee? Coffee mills from all over Costa Rica need to answer these questions in order to successfully promote and sell their low-carbon coffee in the world. Answers were found in a workshop held by ICAFE and GIZ and ended in a first idea of how to present a low-emission coffee around the globe.​ 16 of 50 coffee mills that currently participate in the NAMA...

The Coffee NAMA: Supporting coffee farmers and mills in Costa Rica


NAMA Support Project will focus on working with coffee farmers and supporting coffee promotion in 2017

In February 2017, the NAMA Support Project “Low-Carbon Coffee Costa Rica” (NSP) celebrated one year of implementation: Important achievements from 2016 are several trainings for coffee mills involving the measuring of their carbon footprint as well as a tour to Germany to promote Costa Rican coffee. In 2017, the project will focus on working closely with coffee producers to increase farm productivity and continue to support coffee mills to successfully promote their one-of-a-kind coffee abroad. Review of 2016: Capacity development in carbon footprint measurement and coffee promotion in Germany After its first year of implementation, the NAMA Support Project “Low-Carbon...

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Germany and England to help coffee growers