Coffee NAMA will follow-up on work with coffee mills and producers in 2018


​The Coffee NAMA will focus on continuing its work with coffee mills in order to train them in topics such as performing a Life Cycle Analysis and Type 3 Eco-labeling. The project aspires to train an additional 3.000 coffee producers in the 10 Good Agricultural Practices promoted by the Coffee NAMA. A third business tour will be offered the selected coffee mills to continuously promote the first low carbon coffee in the world, this time visiting the United States.

Ticos taste low carbon coffee at Viva El Café coffee festival


Visitors to the Viva El Café festival, which attracts some 15,000 people each year, had an exclusive opportunity to taste the first low-carbon coffee in the world, produced by five mills partnering with the Coffee NAMA Café. Representatives of the NAMA Support Project (NSP Café) informed visitors on the projects results and achievements.

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Coffee mills receive award for measuring greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption


Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís praised the efforts of coffee mills participating in the country´s Coffee NAMA throughout the year during a small ceremony on December 13th 2017. 49 mills received an award for successfully measuring greenhouse gas and water consumption during coffee production and processing. The award was presented by the Minister for Agriculture Felipe Arauz, the ICAFE´s executive director Ronald Peters, the president of the ICAFE´s board of directors Guido Vargas and Sandra Spies, director of the NAMA Support Project in the scope of the Costa Rican Coffee NAMA.

At the facilities of Cloza coffee mill, a workshop dedicated to calculating the uncertainty of greenhouse gas inventories was held. © NAMA Café. All rights reserved.

Coffee mills complete process of GHG and water inventory measurement


During this year, the coffee mills participating in the Coffee NAMA worked hard to determine inventories of their greenhouse gas emissions and their water consumption during coffee processing. In addition, several energy efficiency audits were carried out by the Costa Rican Industry Chamber. The activities were organized by ICAFE and MAG with the support of GIZ.

Coffee mills present low carbon coffee at side event TASTE COSTA RICA at Sintercafé International Coffee Week


During the 31stedition of Sintercafé International Coffee Week, over 20 coffee mills participating in the NAMA Café presented their coffee to international roasters at the side event TASTE Costa Rica. The event was organized by ICAFE and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Costa Rican coffee mills draw interest of German coffee market


Between October 2nd and 8th 2017, five coffee mills of the NAMA Café visited 12 coffee roasters and importers in Hamburg, Bremen and Dortmund, Germany, in order to establish business relationships with the country's coffee sector and to place their low carbon coffee on the German market. In addition, they had the opportunity to present their coffee at ANUGA, the largest food fair in Europe.

Over 3,000 Costa Rican coffee producers trained on how to tackle climate change


In three training modules during the months of April until September, 3,000 coffee growers from all over the country were trained in the application of 10 Good Agricultural Practicas (GAPs) on their coffee farms. The workshops were organized by the ICAFE with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and carried out by MAG, ICAFE and CIMS technicians.

Por primera vez se presentó el nuevo diseño para el café bajo en emisiones producido en el marco de la NAMA Café.

Successful presentation of low-emission coffee from Costa Rica at Expo Feria Alemana


5 coffee mills had the opportunity to offer their low-emission coffee at the annual Expo Feria Alemana from August 5th to 6th 2017 at the Parque Viva. Between the five mills and an additional coffee blend from several mills from the Los Santos, Valle Central and Valle Occidental area, a total of almost 100 kilograms of coffee was sold during the entire weekend. In addition, baristas from the ICAFE offered samples and GIZ personnel presented detailed information about the NAMA Café and its NAMA Support Project.

Coffee mills in final stage of carbon and water footprint measurements


At the end of August, the coffee mills of the NAMA Café will hand in their final carbon and water footprints and begin developing and implementing reduction strategies. During a workshop on August 9th, the mills´ technicians met at the Doka Estate Convention Center to recapitulate the basic concepts of carbon and water footprint measurement. The activity was organized by the ICAFE with the support of GIZ.

Impressions of the workshop in Desamparados. © NAMA Café 2017. All rights reserved.

Over 2,400 producers trained in Good Agricultural Practices after second training module


​In eight workshops offered in June and July 2017 in six of Costa Rica´s coffee regions, producers were trained on the topics of nutrition and fertilization, weed management, plagues and diseases as well as agroforestry systems. The workshops were organized by the Ministry for Agriculture, the National Coffee Institute and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.