10 coffee mills sell low-carbon coffee in Germany and the United States


The Coffee NAMA project has made efforts to strengthen marketing and sales skills of participating coffee mills, in order to better position their low-carbon coffee on international markets – resulting in so far ten successful business encounters.

Visitors of the Expo Feria Alemana enjoyed low carbon coffee from Costa Rica


Visitors of the 2018 Expo Feria Alemana had the opportunity to taste the world´s first low-carbon coffee and buy it from the mills Río Conejo and Santa Elena at GIZ´s booth at the fair.

14 coffee mills commit to strengthening their sales and marketing skills


Participants of the workshop led by ICAFE, GIZ and PROCOMER learned to develop a business model for their coffee, prepare a sales pitch and details for the export of coffee to markets in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

New app facilitates collection of climate data in Costa Rica´s coffee sector


The new application CRCAFÉ records the spread of diseases such as coffee rust, the dosage of agrochemicals and fertilizers, and the amount of shade trees in coffee plantations, among others.

Investment incentives promote climate-friendly coffee processing in Costa Rica


In cooperation with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and on behalf of the NAMA Facility, GIZ facilitates access to low-interest loans for coffee mills in Costa Rica. US$ 10 million are now available for investments in climate-friendly technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption during coffee processing. 

Nespresso and Coffee NAMA join forces to train coffee producers in Good Agricultural Practices


The NAMA Support Project (NSP Café) will offer Nespresso technical support in calculating greenhouse gas emissions generated by farmers affiliated to the private company. 

German member of parliament visits Coffee NAMA proyect


German member of Parliament and president of the Comitee for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, Gyde Jensen, got to know the Coffee NAMA last Thursday during a visit at the ICAFE facilities. 

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Visitors of 2018 Environmental Fair learn about low-carbon coffee production in Costa Rica


From June 5th to 7th, 2018, the NAMA Support Project was present at the XIV International Environmental Fair at the National Stadium. Visitors had the opportunity to taste the world´s first low carbon coffee, get to know more about the experiences of the project´s partners and participating mills alike and to help plant shade trees in Costa Rica´s coffee plantations.

US roasters highly interested in low carbon coffee from Costa Rica


Five coffee mills participating in the Coffee NAMA took part in a business tour to the United States with the aim of presenting their low carbon coffee to seven roasters and establish new business contacts. Additionally, they had the opportunity to show off their coffee to a wider public at the international coffee expo SCA in Seattle.

Low carbon coffee fascinates visitors of MICE 2018 in Australia


For a second time the first low carbon coffee in the world was presented to the public at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2018, the biggest coffee fair in Asia and the Pacific. Representatives of the National Coffee Institute´s (ICAFE) Department for Promotion traveled to Australia in order to position the Café de Costa Rica brand and present the recent achievements of the Costa Rican Coffee NAMA.