News » US roasters highly interested in low carbon coffee from Costa Rica


Five coffee mills participating in the Coffee NAMA took part in a business tour to the United States with the aim of presenting their low carbon coffee to seven roasters and establish new business contacts. Additionally, they had the opportunity to show off their coffee to a wider public at the international coffee expo SCA in Seattle.

From April 19th to 26th 2018 the mills Ecológico El Espino, Santa Anita, Grupo Naturalba, micro mill Rio Conejo and El Diamante travelled up north to Seattle, USA. This year´s business trip started at the Specialty Coffee Expo, which took place from April 20th to 22nd. Apart from presenting their low-carbon coffee produced in the scope of the Coffee NAMA to Seattle and its surrounding´s coffee industry, the five mills also took the opportunity to visit several roasters´ stands and create business contacts.

On April 21st, all five mills as well as representatives from ICAFE, GIZ and FULCRUM Coffee Roasters accompanying the trip, participated in a parallel event organized by Café de Costa Rica, during which ICAFE presented its traceability project, the important role of women in Costa Rica´s coffee sector and offered an introduction to the Coffee NAMA and its achievements and goals. The small party concluded with a coffee tasting of several coffee varieties.

Low-carbon coffee presentation for Seattle and Portland roasters

After the coffee fair, the five mills moved on the visit specific roasters in Seattle: During the first day they were welcomed by → Victrola Coffee Roasters→ La Marzocco and → Cascade Coffee Inc., all of whom showed great interest in the environmentally friendly coffee from Costa Rica.

During the second day the group visited → Atlas Importers, who already offer coffee from several mills in the Coffee NAMA. Additionally, students and professors of the University of Washington had the unique opportunity to taste Costa Rican low-carbon coffee during a special coffee tasting of varieties resistant to illnesses.

The third day concluded the trip in Portland: the mills visited → Stumptown Coffee Roasters and → Buckman Coffee Factory, where they participated in a coffee tasting of several varieties along the Cup of Excellence (ACE) and World Coffee Research. The final visit of the tour was with → Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers.

The business tour was organized by ICAFE and GIZ with the help of → FULCRUM Coffee Roasters and marks the third tour for coffee mills of the Coffee NAMA. In the first two tours – in → 2016 and → 2017 – participating mills got know the German coffee marked and had the opportunity to establish business contacts with German roasters.

ICAFE and GIZ will offer all five mills support in following up on the contact, same as those contacts established during previous tours.

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