News » Successful presentation of low-emission coffee from Costa Rica at Expo Feria Alemana



5 coffee mills had the opportunity to offer their low-emission coffee at the annual Expo Feria Alemana from August 5th to 6th 2017 at the Parque Viva. Between the five mills and an additional coffee blend from several mills from the Los Santos, Valle Central and Valle Occidental area, a total of almost 100 kilograms of coffee was sold during the entire weekend. In addition, baristas from the ICAFE offered samples and GIZ personnel presented detailed information about the NAMA Café and its NAMA Support Project.

Representatives of the coffee mills El Cántaro - Santa Anita, Grupo Naturalba, Ecológico El Espino, Río Conejo and Hermanos Vargas participated in shifts during the two days to sell their coffee and explain to the visitors their mills´ efforts to produce a low carbon coffee.

The ICAFE with the support of GIZ took took the opportunity to offer samples of a coffee blend of several coffees from mills of the Valle Central, Valle Occidental and Los Santos area. Proceeds from this sale will be used for the ICAFE Scholarship Fund. Almost 100 kilograms of coffee were sold during the two days of the event, which was attended by approximately 5,000 people.

The "Story of the Hummingbird" charmed visitors

For the first time, a beta version of the new coffee package currently being developed for Costa Rica´s low carbon coffee was presented to the public. This design not only includes information about the coffee mills and the climate-friendly qualities of their coffee, but also a short story by Wangari Maathai, 2004´s Nobel Peace Prize winner. It speaks of a hummingbird which – faced with a fire that threatens the forest in which it lives – decides to contribute everything it can to extinguish it, knowing full well that its contribution is only minimal in comparison to what other larger animals could contribute.

Symbolically, this hummingbird represents the small country of Costa Rica and the country's efforts on its way to carbon neutrality. At a global level, the activities carried out by Costa Rica may not be the most impacting compared to other countries in the world. However, Costa Rica plays an important role not only as a role model for the region, but also in climate protection negotiations carried out at an international level.

ICAFE is currently working on fine-tuning different aspects of the final design in order to finish it in time to be released during the promotional tour to Germany planned for October 2017.

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