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Between October 2nd and 8th 2017, five coffee mills of the NAMA Café visited 12 coffee roasters and importers in Hamburg, Bremen and Dortmund, Germany, in order to establish business relationships with the country's coffee sector and to place their low carbon coffee on the German market. In addition, they had the opportunity to present their coffee at ANUGA, the largest food fair in Europe.

The 12 roasters and importers showed great interest in the Costa Rican coffee, reacting positively to the coffee mills´ ambitious goal of reaching the worldwide first low carbon coffee together with their fellow mills participating in the project. The tour´s participants expect to receive more concrete responses from the Germans as soon as the roasters have been able to taste the coffee samples.

At ANUGA, the largest food fair in Europe, the five mills had the opportunity to present their coffee to potential clients together with ICAFE baristas, managing to establish contact with five interested parties during the event. At the shared stand of ICAFE and PROCOMER, visitors sampled a special coffee blend made up of coffee from all mills participating in the Coffee NAMA. Officials from GIZ and ICAFE accompanied the participants during the entire tour.

Business tour to USA and visit of German roasters in Costa Rica planned for 2018

The business tour to Germany was organized for the second time by the NAMA Support Project Low Carbon Coffee Costa Rica, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. For 2018 a group of German roasters is invited to Costa Rica in order to visit several mills of the Coffee NAMA in all of the country´s coffee regions. In addition, a third business tour is planned, this time focusing on positioning the Costa Rican low carbon coffee on the North American market.

Thanks for their participation to the mills CoopeAgri R.L., CoopeVictoria R.L., Coopronaranjo R.L., Jardín de Aromas and ZALMARI.

Thanks for their availability and interest in the NAMAs low carbon coffee to the German roasters and importers: Hamburg Coffee Company, List & Beisler, Interamerican Coffe, Gollücke & Rothfos GmbH, Michaelis, Commodity Traders, Burg Kaffeemuseum & Rösterei, Elbgold Kaffee, Speicherstatt Kaffeerösterei, Café Libertad, Münchhausen Kaffeerösterei and Neues Schwarz.

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