News » Coffee mills receive award for measuring greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption


Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís praised the efforts of coffee mills participating in the country´s Coffee NAMA throughout the year during a small ceremony on December 13th 2017. 49 mills received an award for successfully measuring greenhouse gas and water consumption during coffee production and processing. The award was presented by the Minister for Agriculture Felipe Arauz, the ICAFE´s executive director Ronald Peters, the president of the ICAFE´s board of directors Guido Vargas and Sandra Spies, director of the NAMA Support Project in the scope of the Costa Rican Coffee NAMA.

49 coffee mills completed the process of determining their greenhouse gas (GHG) and water consumption inventories including their mill and – in several cases – their coffee farm into the scope. This process was initiated in the past year with 34 mills, which initially focused only on their GHG inventories. In addition to finishing these measurements in 2017, they also took on the task of measuring their water consumption during coffee processing. At the beginning of this year, 16 new mills joined the project, tackling their mill´s carbon footprint as well. Next year they will determine their water footprint.

Currently, the mills are using this data to determine possible mitigation and reduction measures to implement in coffee production and processing in order to reduce GHG emissions and optimize water use. In the upcoming year the Coffee NAMA will focus on providing support and follow-up visits for mills to successfully implement said activities and measures. Additionally, it will focus on the topics of life cycle analysis and eco-labelling type III.

The Coffee NAMA proudly congratulates the following coffee mills for their efforts during this year:  

Central Valley
Beneficio ICAFE, Beneficio Las Marías, Coopelibertad, Beneficio Ecológico Cerro Alto

Los Santos
Beneficio Ecológico El Cedro, Beneficio Luvima de Tarrazú (Don Mayo), Beneficio Santa Elena S.A, CECA S.A, COOPEDOTA R.L, Coopetarrazu, Farami, Micro Beneficio La Cruz de Tarrazu, Pira de Dota, Rio Conejo, Santa Teresa, Vista al Lago, Montaña de Tarrazu

Cafetalera Aquiares, Grupo Naturalba, Microbeneficio y Tostadora Gamboa Ltda

West Valley
Aprocetu, Beneficio Genesis, Cloza de Alajuela SA, Coopeatenas (Montañas del Diamante), Coopevictoria R.L., Coopronaranjo R.L., Ecológico El Espino, El Diamante, El Sitio S.R.L., Hermanos Vargas Hidalgo, La Eva, Las Lajas, Los Panchos, Santa Anita, Santa Eduviges, Sircof Oviedo, Vikingo Real, Coopepalmares

ASOMOBI, Coopesabalito, CooproSanVito R.L., Marespi, Coopeagri, Coopeassa


Coopecerroazul, Coopeldos, Coopepilangosta (Beneficio Matambu), Unión Varsan Monteverde