News » 27 coffee mills receive recognition for efforts within the Coffee NAMA


Coffee mills from regions in the entire country of Costa Rica received recognition for their important efforts in reducing greenhouse gases in coffee production and processing.

Xinia Chaves, executive director of the Costa Rican Coffee Institute, Jimmy Ruiz of the Ministry for Agriculture and Livestock, Kathia Aguilar of the Ministry of Environment and Energy's Climate Change Directorate, and Alexia Quirós from the German Development Cooperation GIZ congratulated the coffee mills' representatives on behalf of their institutions during a virtual celebration on October 9th. The following mills were awarded:

1. Los Cipreses
2. CoopeVictoria
3. CooproNaranjo
4. Ditso Café 
5. Luvima de Tarrazú
6. El Sitio
7. Farami
8. La Eva
9. Bajo del Río
10. Santa Rosa
11. Monterosa
12. Río Negro (Cattica S.A)
14. CoopeAgri
15. CoopeUnión
16. Grupo Naturalba S.A.
17. Santa Teresa
18. Café Sol Naciente Dota Tarrazu
19. CoopeSabalito
20. Santa Eduviges
23. CoopeLibertad
24. Las Marías
25. CECA
26. Cafetalera Aquiares
27. Agrícola El Cántaro

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