News » 10 coffee mills sell low-carbon coffee in Germany and the United States


The Coffee NAMA project has made efforts to strengthen marketing and sales skills of participating coffee mills, in order to better position their low-carbon coffee on international markets – resulting in so far ten successful business encounters.

A main objective of the NAMA Support Project (NSP Café) is to support Costa Rican coffee growers to position their low-carbon coffee in international markets, which prefer a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. For this reason, the project regularly organizes business tours to markets interested in this innovative product and offer business opportunities to the coffee mills participating in the project.

Up to date, ten mills have managed to sell their low-carbon coffee for a price approximately 6-8 % higher than a conventional coffee sells for. Two examples are Carole Zbinden and Cecilia Genis, owners of two private micro-mills, who joined forces to sell ten sacks of 69kg of the 2017/18 harvest (5 sacks each) to Münchhausen Kaffeerösterei in Bremen, Germany. Both women participated in the → second business tour to Germany in 2017.

“The owner of Münchhausen was very interested in our coffee and our objective of reducing the environmental impact of coffee production. We invited her to visit our farms in Costa Rica for a first-hand experience of our coffee production”, expresses Cecilia Genis from → Zalmari coffee mill. “Which is why after the tour to Germany, we coordinated a visit for her to come to Carrizal and Cachí in early 2018. She and her family were fascinated with our coffee and even prolonged their visit”, adds Carole Zbinden from → Jardín de Aromas. Both women are satisfied with their sale: “We are very happy to have sold our very first low-carbon coffee produced within the Coffee NAMA”, says Cecilia Genis. 

An additional mill which successfully positioned its coffee is → Río Conejo, which participated in the → 2018 business tour to the United States. “During the tour we were accompanied by Fulcrum Coffee, who showed a lot of interest in our low-carbon coffee”, states Ignacio Ceciliano, owner of the micro-mill. He managed to sell eight sacks of Caturra/Catuaí to the US-American roaster and adds: “We are very grateful to have been able to participate in the tour this year. It's much more rewarding to be able to negotiate face-to-face with the roaster and really know who I'm selling my coffee to.”

Several additional mills have also positioned their coffee in Germany and the United States as a result of tours between 2016 and 2018. The participating mills in their majority were selected after a → training workshop in 2017 aimed at strengthening sales skills.