NAMA Café » Mill: La Eva S.A.

Datos de contacto

Eladio Sanabria Garita

(506) 2454-1919

700 metros north of the Bancio Nacional de Costa Rica, Sarchi Valverde Vega

La Eva S.A. coffee mill participates in the NAMA Café project, to raise awareness and demonstrate to the planet that our coffee production and processing is climate-friendly, confirming the commitment that has existed in our mill for many years and in the national coffee industry of producing and processing a environmentally friendly coffee.

Información general

Tamaño: Big

Tipo de Beneficio: Private

Número de empleados: 46

Región: West Valley

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016

Certificaciones: Rainforest Alliance & UTZ, C.A.F.E. Practices

Marcas registradas: Trojas Superior, Rubíes Tarrazú, Los Cerros, Los Cedros



Coffee promotion
La Eva participates in different coffee fairs in the United States, Europe and Asia, in which we seek to highlight not only the quality of our coffee, but also the effort to produce sustainably, committed to the reduction of carbon emissions, reducing water use and protecting the environment. In the same way we participated in the tours made by NAMA café to promote this labor. At a local level, we work with our producers, holding lectures and field days, which are used to encourage sustainable coffee production.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
We currently have a carbon footprint commission, which is in constant training in the various workshops taught by NAMA. It is worth mentioning that since our entry into the project, the calculation of our inventory is carried out annually, in order to see what our points of improvement are and to work on them. Additionally, we provide support to our sister company, Café Montaña, to measure its carbon emissions and develop best practices to reduce these emissions. Currently, work is beginning to measure our water footprint.
Energy efficiency
Our company looks for new alternatives of energy generation that help us diminish the electrical consumption and that the production is totally clean, to guarantee that our product is ecologically sustainable with the environment. La Eva SA, since its incorporation into the NAMA Café project, has carried out several emission reduction projects, among which we can mention: purchase of an ecological pulping equipment, change to more efficient engines, redesigns in pre-drying ovens and coffee drying, production and consumption of methane gas for coffee drying. We are currently installing 200 solar panels for energy production.
Involving producers
Efforts are made to raise awareness among our producers that the actions and improvements we make are in favor of improving our planet. Lectures are held in order to emphasize the importance of the issue of climate change and how we can mitigate this problem with ceasing to use prohibited agrochemicals, which should be the best practices to ensure not only a good harvest, but show that we can help to the environment.