NAMA Café » Mill: El Espino S.A. Ecologic mill

Datos de contacto

Leopoldo Rodríguez Morera

(506) 8824 5311 / (506) 2446 5457

Barrio Jesús, Atenas, Alajuela

Part of our mission is to produce high-quality coffee under the best agricultural practices in harmony with the environment. Therefore, in the Coffee NAMA we see an opportunity to achieve this and make a significant contribution to the reduction and mitigation of greenhouse gases.

Información general

Tamaño: Micro

Tipo de Beneficio: Private

Número de empleados: 4

Número de asociados: 7

Región: West Valley

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016



Coffee promotion
El Espino coffee mill has participated in commercial fairs, a workshop for commercial managers, trainings offered by the Coffee NAMA, among others.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
For the purposes of measuring the Carbon and Water Footprint, we started collecting data in the respective indicators of both footprints. We participate in trainings and meetings to monitor the issue and have requested a loan to increase the area of sun drying and include an airflow technology to improve its efficiency.
Energy efficiency
We dry our coffee 100% using the sun, thus we have no energy expenditure in that regard.
Involving producers