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Datos de contacto

Gilbert Núñez Rojas

+506 2544-2050

La Violeta, Frailes de Desamparados

At AGRIVID, one of our pilars is to produce coffee in harmony with the environment, protecting and conserving natural resources and the biodiversity. The Coffee NAMA has given us the oportunity to prioritize actions, backed up with reports on our environmental footprint, and achieve efficiency in our processes.

Información general

Tamaño: Medium

Tipo de Beneficio: Association

Número de asociados: 15

Región: Tarrazú

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016



Coffee promotion
AGRIVID participates in the Feria del Café - Frailes.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
We participate in workshops on carbon footprint measurement and lectures imparted by NAMA Café. In comparison to our baseline of 2015-2016, we have managed to reduce emissions in 2016-2017. We are implementing different measures in our processing process in order to reduce water consumption, optimize energy consumption and improve waste treatment.
Energy efficiency
With the help of the Coffee NAMA and Chamber of Industries, a report has been made that highlights possible actions we can take in order to save energy.
Involving producers
The producers associated to AGRIVID register their processes carried out on their farms, we have eliminated the use of quimical products and have initiated the implementation of agroforestry systems in our coffee cultivation.