NAMA Café » Mill: Coopronaranjo R.L.

Datos de contacto

José Antonio Vega Rodríguez

(506) 4104-0530 (506) 4104-0531

400 meters north and 800 meters east of the Naranjo High School

We participate in the Coffee NAMA in order to obtain a carbon footprint measurement, be a coffee producer and mill, as well as achieve the carbon neutrality certification. For this we are part of a group of mills from the Western Valley where we have received great trainings to achieve the goal, we are also part of the "Business Tour 2017" to Germany. In 2018 we are participating in measuring our water footprint.

Información general

Tamaño: Big

Tipo de Beneficio: Cooperative

Número de empleados: 217

Número de asociados: 2.200

Región: West Valley

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016

Certificaciones: Rainforest Alliance & UTZ, C.A.F.E. Practices, AAA, Esencial Costa Rica

Marcas registradas: Sun blessed La Rosa Bandola Café Naranjo Espírito Santo Estate Coffee Peaberry El Roble



Coffee promotion
We actively participate in coffee fairs, in the workshop for commercial managers, several commercial tours (visits to customers), and have invited customers to our mill and farm, additonally we participated in the tour organized by NAMA Café - GIZ to Germany.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
We are 95% done with the measurement of our carbon footprint. Additionally, we have made important changes in the machinery that has helped us to reduce water and electricity consumption.
Energy efficiency
We have a hydroelectric plant that generates 300 KW/h, we have changed our light sources to LED lighting, we have switched to energy-efficient technology, we have eliminated water pumps by using conveyor belts, and constructed ovens with efficient combustion, as well as introduced gasifier for production of heat energy ( two coffee dryers).
Involving producers
We are participating with 20 producers in the workshops on Good Agricultural Practices.