NAMA Café » Mill: Coopevictoria R.L.

Datos de contacto

Mario Sibaja Peréz

(506) 8706-3973

CoopeVictoria R.L. takes part in this grand project, using it as a means for internal control.

Información general

Tamaño: Big

Tipo de Beneficio: Cooperative

Número de empleados: 32

Número de asociados: 1.600

Región: West Valley

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016

Certificaciones: ISO 9001, Rain Forest, Fair Trade


Coffee promotion
CoopeVictoria R.L. takes part in the Business Workshop, additionally, the mill participated in the 2017 business tour to Germany, we also participate in national and international coffee fairs (SCAA, Viva Café and others).
Carbon and water footprint measurement
We participate in workshops on carbon footprint measurement and implement measures to reduce water and electricity consumption.
Energy efficiency
CoopeVictoria R.L. has reduced its electricity bill by approx. 20%. We are currently acquiring a Centriflux, which reduces 59 Hp/hour in pre-drying.
Involving producers
CoopeVictoria R.L. has a team of agronomers and technicians that consult every producer associated with our cooperative.