NAMA Café » Mill: Coopepilangosta R.L.

Datos de contacto

Wilber Roman Céspedes, Gerente General /

(506) 2659 9130 / (506) 8811 1642

Our coffee mill is part of the Coffee NAMA because we feel the need to work environmentally friendly, processing a 100% pure low-carbon coffee, looking for ways to contribute to the agricultural area with climate change and in turn give an added value to our clients.

Información general

Tipo de Beneficio: Cooperative

Número de empleados: 17

Número de asociados: 167

Región: Guanacaste

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016



Coffee promotion
Our collaborators participate in different fairs at national level, where they present our coffee, as well as in tours and workshops both nationally and internationally looking for a better market for our coffee.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
We participate in the workshops offered for the measurement of the water as well as carbon footprint, in order to take better control of each of the points that must be attacked in order to reduce emissions: through implemented practices and technologies, as well as the expenses of the consumption of water, electricity, fuels, among others.
Involving producers
We work hand in hand with Icafé and MAG collaborators, offering trainings in the different production areas, where they are given the appropriate recommendations for a better management of the coffee plantation, looking for a way to work friendly with the environment while conserving always the quality of the production.