NAMA Café » Mill: Coopeldos R.L.

Datos de contacto

Edgar Montero Sequeira

(506) 2693-8220

El Dos de Tilarán Guanacaste, 2 km east of the El Dos Catholic Church

Our mill participates in the Coffee NAMA because we see the need to contribute to the improvement of climate change, also projecting high-quality products and promoting an environmentally friendly coffee, thus improving our competitiveness.

Información general

Tamaño: Small

Tipo de Beneficio: Cooperative

Número de empleados: 7

Número de asociados: 380

Región: Guanacaste

Unión a NAMA Café: 2016

Certificaciones: Fair Trade

Marcas registradas: Café Tilawa



Coffee promotion
Our personnel participates in several fairs, workshops and trips with the objective of promoting our coffee.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
Thanks to the Coffee NAMA we have been trained in measuring our carbon and water footprints, additionally we are formulating a project for technological renovation in our mill.
Energy efficiency
We currently have a hidroelectric plant, additionally we plan to renovate our ovens and crushing equipment through a project with INDER.
Involving producers
Our technical department together with other organizations is in charge of training our producers on Good Agricultural Practices.