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Diego Robelo

We believe in the sustainability of coffee in its three pillars: respect and care for nature, a healthy sociocultural environment and economic well-being for all. The Coffee NAMA has similar foundations and that makes it congruent with our collective mission. In addition, we are CARBON NEUTRAL thanks to the Coffee NAMA!

Información general

Tamaño: Big

Tipo de Beneficio: Private

Región: Turrialba

Unión a NAMA Café: 2015



Coffee promotion
We promote our coffee at fairs and activities organized by the Coffee NAMA. We also use social networks and we have a wide network of friends from Aquiares that help us to transmit our voice.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
At Aquiares, we reduce CO2e emissions by using slow-release fertilizers and giving appropriate treatment to the brush. We collect water in the mill using only what is necessary and investing in ecological machinery.
Energy efficiency
We have transformed ovens, improved coffee crushing with more efficient machines, reduced oversized engines and more. Now we are analyzing the possibility of using hydroelectric power.
Involving producers
Our staff is aware of our greenhouse gas emissions and the sources that generate them. We consider that we have all achieved that Aquiares is Carbon Neutral together.