NAMA Café » Mill: Beneficiadora Santa Elena S.A.

Datos de contacto

Laureano Gomez Quintero

(506) 2530 2919

Santa Elena Corralillo de Cartago, opposite Mariana Figuerez School

Our company has been characterized as a company committed to the environment. Upon meeting the directors of the Coffee NAMA, we saw the opportunity to know where we are located concerning the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, in order to implement actions in order to correct and/or improve our weak points.

Información general

Tamaño: Big

Tipo de Beneficio: Private

Número de empleados: 20

Región: Central Valley

Unión a NAMA Café: 2017

Certificaciones: Cafe Practices

Marcas registradas: Los Frailes de Taparto Marina Santa Elena Doña Pastora Doña Rosa Monte Elena



Coffee promotion
Our company has always participated in international fairs related to coffee, such as Sintercafe and SCAA, as an exporter - however in a personal way. We hope now that we can count on the support and advice of the NAMA plans, we can join them and take advantage of the benefits that this entails.
Carbon and water footprint measurement
Santa Elena was incorporated in 2017 into the training for the footprint measurement. At present the status is: Definition of base year and Carbon Footprint. As it is our first year and we do not know the current conditions in our mill, we have not been able to implement any mitigation measures yet. As soon as we know the sources with the highest greenhouse gas emissions, we will take the necessary measures.
Energy efficiency
Our mill began measuring its Footprint in 2017, therefore we do not yet have a diagnosis of our energy expenditure. However, we have received trainings with reference to equipment that we could acquire for our mill in the near future.
Involving producers
Our company invited 45 producers for the first Good Agricultural Practices workshop, held in Frailes and attended by 38. For the second workshop the same people were invited, but only 26 attented. We believe that this will be the group we will follow up on.